I think I can, I think I can

June 15, 2010

The baby is starting to realize that this whole idea about being an immobile chunk of fat who is completely dependent on others is just so over-rated. Besides she has a busy schedule to keep. Places to go, bugs to eat!

She has been able to hold her head up for a long time now–actually, when she first came out and the nurse threw her up on my chest, the doctor started talking and she picked her head up, turned and looked back over her shoulder at him, gave him a look that said “dude stop stealing my thunder!” and laid her head back down– but head-holding is just not good enough any more. Now she must conquer mobility.

Her new mission in life is to sit up. And she literally works herself into a sweaty, grunty frenzy trying to hoist her torso up off the floor  or couch or our laps or the bottom of her swing . She thrusts her head forward, grunts and strains and uses her elbows to push as hard as she can until finally she is screaming in frustration at her uncooperative little 10-week-old body. Then she starts kicking and flailing her arms, usually connecting her blows with my boobs. Doesn’t she know they’re her life source? Anyway…

I am excited for her to figure it all out but I’m pretty sure that once she sits, within 3 weeks she’ll be running the equivelent of marathons around our house and I’ll have to chase after her until she figures out that stairs and electrical devices and sharp objects are bad.

And I thought parenting was all just leaving the kid on the floor while you go for a run and get that body back!


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