surrounded by class

June 14, 2010

Scene: bed time at our house, Jared is on my left, the baby is on my right

All 3 of us were laying there nice and cozy and unwinding after a long day, and our mile-a-minute baby who is too obsessed with trying to crawl to ever stop and sleep was for once laying there, still, calm and relaxed. And I couldn’t help but smile and think about how lucky I am. Blessed beyond what I could’ve asked for with an awesome husband who loves to have fun and is the best at making his daughter laugh and smile, and a perfect, healthy baby, a warm bed and lots of food and  so many fun memories already made and even more yet to be created.

It was a peaceful moment for me–a rare opportunity to appreciate everything in my life without the distractions of diapers and dirty laundry and 4 wheelers and  car parts and trying to keep dog hair out of the baby’s mouth. 

When all of a sudden my husband and love of my life interrupted my serenity with the most offensive, vile, wall-shaking, nostril-melting fart I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

The bed was still vibrating from the sheer force with which that fart exploded when the baby, who is not one to be outdone, dropped an equally offensive and vile fart.

And I quote Jared:  “That…was…awesome. It was like we high fived our farts.”

End Scene.



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