chick’s a mustang kinda girl

May 11, 2010

Tonight we decided to remove any doubt as to whether or not we are complete hicks and pack up the baby in the new mustang and go for a little family drive…in a 1990 mustang GT…with a t-top…

After creatively fannagling the  car seat into the back seat (who new mustangs are not a family car??) we managed to irritate the baby enough to send her into a nice little shriekfest.

She screamed and screamed until her daddy said “I think she wants to see what the car’s got!” and floored it. By the time we hit 4th gear, which took about 2 seconds, the baby was silent. Just to test his theory, he slowed down. And whaddya know, she started screaming again. We tested out our hypothesis–because hicks can be scientific too!–several times and came to this theory:

Speed up=happy baby. Slow down= angry wicked baby.



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