Nothin like waiting til the last minute…

March 23, 2010

The only good thing about having a false alarm at 39 weeks pregnant is getting a few more days to finish the projects we started around the house that we wanted to have all done before baby comes. For some unexplained reason, we had the bright idea to pretty much entirely re-do half our house. With about one month left to go before the due date. Yikes…

In the past 4 weeks we’ve torn out walls, cleaned out closets, added on an office, re-painted an entire upstairs, re-done a bathroom, torn out the entire upstairs and stairway carpet, put down hardwood floors upstairs and on the stairs, painted the laundry room, and now the last thing to do is replace the downstairs patio doors and replace the carpet just inside the doors with new tile.

Phew. So every day baby decides to be stubborn and stay put is another day we have to get the house put back together. And clean up saw dust. And put tools away. And wash paint brushes and rollers. And move furniture back where it’s supposed to be. 

Jump over to my “Adventures in Decorating” Page to see my latest little creative release for the new office–I took an extra, ugly frame I had laying around that I bought at the Dollar Tree and turned it into a cute tray for some cheap-o candles.


2 Responses to “Nothin like waiting til the last minute…”

  1. bwakeling said

    We’ve just bought a new house, and removed a mirror in the nursery only to find out that there was a great big airbrick behind it! Panic!

    Managed to get everything done now – and only a few weeks left!

    • Meg R. said

      haha! i know exactly how you feel–going from panic and chaos one day to actually feeling prepared the next! but pardon my ditziness…what’s an airbrick??

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