Monday reality check: He’s more prepared than he thinks

March 22, 2010

The only thing funny about being 39 weeks pregnant and having contractions that progress all night long, making you wonder if “this is it”, only for them to suddenly just stop completely, is witnessing RH run around the house at 3 in the morning getting things ready, convinced that


Ever since the doctor told us that he thinks the baby will be born this week, RH has been so paranoid that I wont make it to the hospital because I “handle contractions too well.” Both RH and our doctor are convinced that I might somehow stay home longer than I should. In fact, RH is convinced that this pregnancy is going to end with me delivering our slimy, squirming, screaming, snot-nosed baby on the living room floor while he hyperventilates and uses his last bit of consciousness to call 9-1-1, only to pass out in a pool of afterbirth. The idea keeps him awake at night.

But all along I’ve been saying, “I just don’t think it’s going to happen yet…” and I just happily keep eating my ice cream sandwiches while the unpacked baby bag sits upstairs and the car seat is still in its box.

So Thursday night my contractions started getting more intense and coming closer and closer together for about 8 hours, sending RH into a frenzy around the house trying to get things packed and ready by the front door. Then all of a sudden, after a whole night of timing contractions,they randomly just stopped.

When things had died down, I realized I hadn’t paid much attention to what RH had packed for himself in case we did have to go to the hospital.

I checked in his bag and besides 2 changes of clothes, the only other thing he packed was this item which I found out later he asked his mom to bring over to the house a couple days ago:


“Just in case the baby comes out on the way to the hospital and I need to clean out its nose.”

Everyone should have an entertaining husband who can make you laugh no matter what–even when you just spent 8 hours timing contractions and mentally preparing yourself for the birth of your first child which could quite possibly occur that day, only for the contractions to suddenly stop which means you have to be at work in about 45 minutes.





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