Internet meet rowdy husband’s other woman…

March 5, 2010

She’s blond. Skinny. Gorgeous. Loyal. Submissive. A diehard hunter who brings in pheasants and ducks better than any of her fellow hunting companions, and she loves to snuggle all night long.

Internet, meet Mia. 

And yes, she does sleep with us every single night. 

She is happy when she’s snugglin with her master:

She is happy when she is frolicking in the water with her master:

But she’s happiest when she’s chasin’ down pheasants and ducks for her master. There’s nothin like the bond between a hunter and his hunting dog.

Notice how in EVERY picture her eyes are stuck on those birds? It’s her calling in life, I’m tellin ya! 

But her true love for my husband is most evidently displayed whenever he leaves the house…whether it’s to get the mail, or for a week-long work trip. The dog WILL. NOT. LEAVE. THE. WINDOW. until he comes back. He’s her romeo. 


“Romeo, Romeo…Wherefore art thou Romeo?”

“Ahhh….Reunited and it feels so good!”

“Now, get that camera out of our face and stop ruining the mood!”


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