the one where I compare diapers to Fabio

March 3, 2010

We bought diapers! Our first pack of diapers! Our first of the billions of diapers that will be purchased, pooped in, and trashed in the next few years.

And internet, I’m not afraid to admit that buying my first box of diapers was a memorable moment in my life. Like the time I saw Fabio on a train from Washington D.C. to New York when I was a teenager. Because seeing Fabio, sitting there all muscle-y and blond and flexing, on your way to the club car is an odd experience that makes you stop and think “Did that just happen? How on earth did I end up on the same train as Fabio? And is it creepy to walk past a few more times just to confirm that he is in fact THE Fabio?”

And that’s exactly what me and RH were saying to each other when we checked out with our first econo-pack of pampers… “Is this really happening? How on earth did we end up on the crazy-train to parenthood? And is it weird that we picked up and put back about 10 different brands of diapers before finally deciding on the best one to hold our child’s poo?”

Really though, buying diapers was a significant moment because even though we have some baby things that have been given to us, this was the first time we actually bought some sort of baby necessity–a mundane product that, once you have it in your home, separates you from non-parents. And for the first time I actually connected with the reality that

I’m having a baby.

Holy crap.


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