Monday reality check: hairy women are hot. right?

March 1, 2010

At 36 weeks pregnant, little daily tasks that never required effort before now force me to contort and twist and huff and puff and grunt and sweat… seriously, try to guess if i’m putting on my shoes or having a heart attack…it basically looks and sounds the same i think.

So clearly, shaving my legs regularly  is not. gonna. happen.

sorry RH, but it’s just not worth the effort.

So last night we were watching his man crush–Jack Bauer on 24–and he was rubbing my feet. One of his fingers must have crossed into a razor-free zone and when he accidentally brushed his finger against the blond, soft, flowing fur on my leg (yeah…we’re passed the stubble point right now), he seriously threw my leg off him and yelled

“What is this hairy beast and what did it do with my hot wife?!?!”

I’m just keepin it real people…get pregnant and prepare to make sacrifices. Sacrifices that inspire your husband to find it hilarious to call you “Helga–the hairy norwegian viking.”

Does anyone know where I can get a real viking helmet, sword, and a shield? I might as well really get into my character for the next 4 weeks.


4 Responses to “Monday reality check: hairy women are hot. right?”

  1. Kiki said

    Yes, hairy women are hot. I’m tellin ya. Screw shaving, pregnant or not 😀 I’m 32 weeks myself and them beasts haven’t seen a razor in weeks and weeks and weeks…it’s kinda neat…the hair actually gets softer and isn’t so prickly 😀

  2. bwakeling said

    Hahaha! My wife has also foregone shaving, and I can categorically say it is definitely NOT hot! If I wanted to stroke hairy legs I’d stroke my own!

    You might enjoy my blog if you want to know how your partner might be feeling during pregnancy – it sounds like me and him have a lot in common!

    All the best,


  3. Kiki said

    I say we issue a challenge…hmmm…..Men, strap on some sort of device that disables you from seeing your feet while standing in a nice, slippery, wet shower, stuff this device with a weighted workout ball you find at a gym (not a piddly basketball), pack on another 40 pounds of cumbersome gear, lather up, try to bend over, keep your balance, too…then shave those legs a yours. LMK how it goes 😀

  4. megr85 said

    HA! great idea! I told my man if he wants ’em smooth he’s going to have to grab the razor…or at this point weed wacker….and shave my legs himself!

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