Cutie baby wish list

February 18, 2010

The countdown to Baby R’s arrival is getting shorter and shorter, and the days are going by faster and faster.

Unfortunately, this means I have less than 6 weeks to acquire all the necessities required for an infant to survive its first few weeks of life.

I haven’t had any baby showers yet, although 3 are scheduled–1 is this weekend and the other 2 aren’t until after the baby is born. So needless to say we don’t have a lot of baby stuff yet. We also don’t know if the baby is a boy or girl, which makes buying newborn clothes for the baby’s first few days a tad difficult. We also don’t know anything about babies.

So, unless we kick our butts into gear in the next few weeks,

what we’re going to have is a naked baby with no clothes and no where to sleep,

wondering why on earth it got stuck with the worlds’ most unprepared parents!

THANKFULLY that whole thing they say about pregnant women getting a “nesting urge” is all of a sudden SO TRUE for me. I am going on a crafting/decorating/organizing overhaul and I’m working on figuring out what essentials a newborn needs so that I can buy myself enough stuff to survive the first few weeks until the showers commence and women who know much more than I do generously step in and help me clothe my poor, naked baby.

UNTHANKFULLY–I have ADD. Therefore in my efforts to “figure out the essentials,” I got sidetracked at this adorable website and wracked up quite a wish list…but come in this stuff is adorable!

First we have :

Infant Cowboy booties! The neutral ones would be perfect for our  gender-unknown baby

Next, I LOVE this idea:

Little socks that look like cowboy boots!

And the next 2 cuties I love for decorating the nursery:

The black infant hat: perfect for a little cowboy or cowgirl and how cute would it look hanging on the wall?

And I have the perfect spot to display these adorable baby holsters

(sorry but this baby is just destined to be a country hick, just like his parents!)

BUT i saved the best for last. Warning: the following image will make you want to run home to your hubby and make a baby right now.

Seriously. Wrangler diaper covers. Otherwise known as anti-birth control.


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