Monday morning reality check…pants are over-rated.

February 15, 2010

One of the WORST things about going back to work on Monday morning is the obligation to once again squeeze my child-bearing lower-half into a pair of pants, forcing me to relenquish the pants-less freedom I have enjoyed all weekend long.

I’ve never been much of a pants person. I have just always found them restrictive and uncomfortable. Just ask my parents who had to deal with me prancing around in swimming suit bottoms and little shorts–even when I was helping do chores in the horse barn.

But now, with just 6 weeks left in my pregnancy , a belly that looks and feels bigger and bigger every minute, and a butt that is barely clinging to its pre-pregnancy shape, in my opinion pants are just completely unnecessary.

Until Monday morning rolls around and social constructs demand that pants be worn in public.

But internet, at least there is an alternative out there that allows you to achieve the look of pants without the accompanying buttons and zippers. And please forgive me for what I’m about to write…….

Thank goodness for leggings!!


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