“You got the ‘betes!”

February 5, 2010

On Thursday I spent 3 hours at my doctor’s office in order to do an extensive gestational diabetes screening because the initial test, which is administered to all pregnant women around 28 weeks of pregnancy, came back “abnormal,” meaning there is a chance I might have developed gestational diabetes.

The fact that I might have GD, which my rowdy husband now likes to run around the house yelling  “YOU GOT THE BETES!!!!” as if either I possess a billion dollar winning lottery ticket or have somehow contracted leprosy, doesn’t really concern me.In fact, I wasn’t even surprised considering my grandpa lived with diabetes all his life, and most likely passed it on to 2 of my cousins who were born with it.  I already had a pretty “clean” diet and exercised between 4-5 days a week, so my doctor was pretty surprised about the “abnormal” test result, considering GD is generally something that shows up in older pregnant moms, or obese pregnant moms, or moms with really bad eating habits. 

Ever since I found out about the possibility 2 weeks ago, I have completely cut out wheat and other processed products, and have almost tripled my consumption of meat, vegetables, and fruit, meaning I eat bigger quantities of “good stuff”, more often. The only sacrifice I’m really disappointed about is giving up those delicious Glazer donuts from Kwik Trip…those things are so so so good, they’re probably little glaze covered rings of diabetes.

So for me, the possibility of having “the betes” has actually just reinforced and ramped up the healthy eating and exercise choices I was already making. And whether or not my 3-hour test shows that I have the betes or not, I think I’ll keep pigging out on steak and pork chops and huge salads and entire cantaloups and whole containers of blueberries.

But the most annoying thing about this whole GD situation is the simple 3-hour test you take to determine if you have it or not. If you’ve ever been pregnant you can understand how much torture this simple little screening is, for ONE SINGLE REASON: 

You can’t eat for 12 hours before the test, or at any time during the 3-hour test.

In other words, by the time the test is over, you will have been starving yourself for 15 hours, had your blood drawn at least 4 times in 3 hours on a completely empty stomach besides an orange-flavored, carbonated beverage that packs 100 grams (!!!) of sugar into 10 ounces, which they make you chug before the blood drawing commences (ok the orange pop part isn’t too bad. And yes, in Wisconsin we call it pop so deal with it.)

Now the whole thing really isn’t a big deal–sit at the doctor’s office for 3 hours, get some blood drawn every hour or so, and write senseless, rambling blog posts for your silly little blog that nobody reads. But I had to remind myself almost every 5 minutes that nobody ever died from going 15 hours without food.

See, normally I HAVE to eat almost every half hour. It’s like if I don’t eat within 10 seconds of feeling hungry, the baby will literally punch its way through my belly, fix itself a snack, and then contently crawl back in with its big, full, belly satisfied for now. Actually I’m surprised the doctor hasn’t found a little mini-fridge in there stocked full of various meat products, beef jerkey, cheese and whole milk. Oh and grapes, the baby loves grapes. And sweet potatoes. 

And if I don’t eat immediately, I feel like throwing up. And I hate that feeling. This is why I regularly show up at work with no less than 3 plastic bags full of food. And believe me when I say by the end of the day that food is GONE.

So you can understand why knowing I would not be allowed to eat for 15 hours–from 9 pm until noon the next day–made me slightly nervous. 

Thankfully, I was able to distract myself enough and I made it through the test without throwing up or passing out. 

As soon as I get the results back, I’ll let you know if I “got the betes”…that is if you haven’t already heard Rowdy Husband screaming it…from 3 states away…with your windows and doors shut. He’s loud.

Oh, and I am going to be posting pictures of some good, ‘betes-friendly’ meals for anyone else out there who has GD or is just interested in sprucing up their diets a little. 


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