Baby’s first photos…let the battle over whose genes dominate begin

February 4, 2010

Baby R. is just 16 weeks old here, back in October…As of this moment, I couldn’t feel your tiny baby kicks and flutters and flips. But you really showed off for the camera for us, proving that you are moving a lot in there. It was slightly freaky witnessing you literally jumping off the sides of my belly as in this pic here:

Also, the ultrasound lady told us that you have a big belly, a big head, and long hands and feet. Your dad also commented on what appears to be a rather large nose (you just haven’t grown into it yet), and I swear you heard him because, no kidding, all 3 of us in the room witnessed you flash your middle finger as if you were saying

“shut up dad, i got it from you!”


Here is Baby R. at 22 weeks in November.

And I’m surprised the ultrasound lady didn’t get any pictures of you doing the monkey bars on my ribs while simultaneously using my bladder and the sides of my belly as a trampoline.

Because I know that’s what you’re doing in there approximately 22.6 hours per day.

Seriously kid, the ultrasound lady tried for an hour to get clear pictures of you but you were moving too much.  Finally after over an hour of attempting to get some pictures, you rewarded us by finally showing your face.

Now you’re almost 33 weeks old. I can’t wait to see that little face on that big head with the big belly and long hands and feet in just a few more weeks!


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