8 weeks to go

February 1, 2010

Ay Carumba…It’s insane that I am to the point in my pregnancy when I stop counting up and start counting down….give me a moment while I take a few deep breaths please and say a prayer for my birth canal.

OK I’m back.

“Two months” has never sounded like such a short amount of time. I remember thinking that very same thing when I was just two months away from getting married. All winter long I ended every day by leaving RH’s house, walking out to my freezing cold car, saying dirty words to myself while I brushed the snow off and scraped through the 3 inches of ice that had accumulated while I was there, and shivered and convulsed the entire freezing way to his parents house where I had been staying until the wedding.

Every day it was the same routine–spend as much time as possible after work with RH , say “good night” about a million times, drag myself through the snow and into the car, and drive bleary-eyed and half-asleep 8 miles to his parents’ house all while thinking “only 6 months to go”…then it was 5 months. then 4. then 3. THEN 2! THEN 1!! And then all of a sudden I was married and life was glorious and when I was tired I only had to climb upstairs and fall into a nice warm bed with my nice warm husband!

In a couple days we will have been married for 8 months.

And in exactly 2 months from today, I am supposed to expel a human being from my insides, take it home, and instantly be supplied with maternal instincts that will teach me how to take care of it and protect it and feed it and help it sleep and keep it healthy and help it grow (and finally stop calling it “IT”).

There are certain items that are required in order to properly take care of a helpless baby–a crib for instance, and a changing table. Diapers and a diaper bag. A car seat and a stroller. Some sort of velcro-restraint system for when I need to blow dry my hair and do my makeup and work out (no? they don’t make baby-velcro-restraints? oh…well then can someone tell me where one would put a baby when one wants to dry their hair?) Baby clothes. Baby blankets. Baby toys. And probably a million other baby-related items that I don’t even know about.

And do you know how many of those things I have acquired and have neatly and cutely organized in our beautifully decorated baby nursery?


Oh and I also lied about the beautifully decorated baby nursery. But more about that in a future post.

Something tells me it’s going to be a BUSY 2 MONTHS.


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