Approved activities for pregnant women…

January 30, 2010


(Don’t worry. Although I was pregnant at the time this photo was taken, I didn’t know it yet. And after I found out about 2 weeks later, I swear I only went on the tube like 4 more times…and that was only after a few beers had clouded my judgement. KIDDING.)


It’s a crazy thing, learning you are pregnant with your first baby, and trying to imagine how much life will change when the baby is born. Thankfully, 9 months of pregnancy pretty much rips you away from your life as you knew it anyway…well if you let it. I chose not to let it.

Well, actually I didn’t really have a choice. See my husband’s lifestyle didn’t have time for morning sickness. It doesn’t have much sympathy for throwing up, lactating, hormones, stretching and expanding, buttons that don’t button, pants that don’t make it over your pregnancy hormone-enhanced booty, or any of the other lovely side effects that go along with being taken over from the inside-out by a spawn-baby.

SO, my only choice was to try to keep up the best I could (within reason and of course skipping out on anything that could hurt the baby.) Even if that meant going out with the guys on opening day of duck hunting season…in the PRIME OF MY MORNING SICKNESS. And this is why WOMEN were chosen to bear children…because only a woman could simultaneously set up a duck blind, load the shotguns, and help set up the duck decoys in the river…ALL WHILE PAUSING EVERY 15 MINUTES TO THROW UP IN THE WEEDS. Of course the rest of that week, I didn’t throw up at all. I guess the baby got it out of it’s system on the banks of the Craw Fish in plain view of a few guys we didn’t know down the river from our spot. Good thing I’m not shy about my bodily functions…. but I do wonder what they were thinking about that crazy girl on her hands and knees convulsing and puking in the cat tails?

(Not even the violent, gut-retching sounds of a morning sick pregnant girl could take away the beauty, peacefulness, and serenity of the Craw Fish River on opening day of duck hunting season…)

Or even if that meant forcing my way into my camo, strapping a 60-pound ground blind to my back and carrying my bow, chair, and bag of snacks out about 1 mile into the woods because I REALLY WANTED TO SHOOT A DEER with my bow.

And especially if that means joining in with the guys for a few games of paintball out behind our house. Because dang it if I can’t whine about feeling uncomfortable, or hot, or sicky, or starving, or huge…I CAN AT LEAST TRY TO SHOOT MEMBERS OF THE UTERUS-FREE POPULATION WITH A PAINTBALL GUN.

But all joking aside, staying active has been the best way to cope with all the awkward and uncomfortable feelings and side effects associated with pregnancy. My doctor assured me all along that moving, working out, getting exercise, and staying active were all good for me and the baby. And I never wanted to be the type of pregnant person or mom who stops everything just because a baby is in the picture.

Besides, I just REALLY LOVE spending time with this guy…

Even if sometimes we do this to each other…


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