Let nature take its course…

January 29, 2010

…And you wind up with this!

Giving a whole new meaning to the term “FAST and FURIOUS”…

creating a baby 3 weeks after the honeymoon!

On August 6, 2009–two months to the day after our wedding day–I took two pregnancy tests. They came back positive. I couldn’t breathe for about 3 minutes. Then my husband came home. After the initial shock when I showed him the two tests, Rowdy Husband was first and foremost proud of his accomplishment. You see, he has suffered a number of crashes and accidents over the years…on 4wheelers, dirt bikes, and motorcycles. In one such accident, he actually DENTED THE METAL GAS TANK of his dirt bike with his, well, his man parts.

So when he found out that he got me pregnant 3 weeks after our wedding night, the first words out of his mouth were

“Wow. My junk actually works.”


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